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cheap jordans shoes The phrase “American Taliban,” to describe the radical American Christian right, has been around for a while. In February of this year, journalist Robert Kuttner wrote an article, for the American Prospect, called “American Taliban, The Marriage Between Religious Fundamentalism and American Conservative Is Stronger Than Ever.” Jane Smiley, in reviewing Max Blumenthal’s excellent “Republican Gomorrah,” that Christian Dominionists (like Huckabee) “differ from the Taliban only in their choice of doctrine. Their uses of that doctrine (to dehumanize women and other groups, to never share power, to control every aspect of every life within their power, and to create society as a steeply hierarchical structure with them at the top) are those of the Taliban.” And while they don’t engage in the homicidal violence of the Taliban, they create a culture of violent hatred in which gays are attacked and abortion doctors are killed by those who, retro jordans for sale cheap online according to many in the AT, are engaging in “justifiable homicide.” So, yeah “Johnny,” I have no problem with using that term for the folks that Huckabee is connected to a group to whom Fox News bends its knees so to speak cheap jordans shoes.