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Likes: Comfy, super light (8.5 ounces in size 9.5) and fast with good ground feel. The Fresh Foam delivers a surprisingly robust cushion. It has a bootie style stretchy mesh forefoot with seam free interior and attached tongue, and it has won raves from the running magazines and fast runners with narrow to medium width for its “smooth feel” and “responsiveness.” While some mistakenly put this shoe’s foam in the same league as the much heavier Adidas Boost (it lacks the energizing bounce), its shock absorption will be a treat for lightweight marathoners..

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moncler outlet sale Reddick and Gurriel homered off Brandon Workman.Verlander was charged with two runs, two hits and four walks, striking out six. He has allowed only nine hits in his past four post season starts, matching Don Larsen for the fewest (1955 57) as the only pitchers to allow nine hits over a span of four post season starts, according to STATS.tying run scoring was a little disappointing, Verlander said. Once that happens, then you got to reset and not relinquish the lead.A dump truck works near the Syncrude oil sands extraction facility near the city of Fort McMurray, Alta., on June 1, 2014 moncler outlet sale.