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Canada Goose sale They believe that all differences are due to culture, and that if we could only arrange society in just the right way, everyone would be equally successful. Liberals know that pure nonsense, that no matter how carefully you arrange society, there will always be haves and have nots, and that the goal of the welfare state is to ensure that the haves provide support to the have nots, because the latter can be blamed for their lack of luck or ability no matter how you come down on the issue of nature versus nurture (hint: the former wins by a landslide), it makes no difference to reaching the correct conclusion that people are ultimately not responsible for their lot in life, and it morally repugnant to simply let the losers in life lottery suffer the consequences of their birth.This difference in perception is in large part responsible for the real canada goose outlet parka difference between liberals and the problematic left we lately complaining about. Because the latter believe that we all be equal but for the depredations of bad cultural norms, canada goose outlet reviews they feel it necessary to compel everyone to adopt cultural norms. Canada Goose sale

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