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An important road work has been a reality thanks to the support of the Conga Project, the District Municipality of Sorochuco and the peasant brothers of the As Don Gilberto tells us, current Mayor of the Town Center La Chorrera, this longed road could be a reality thanks to the support of the Municipality of Sorochuco, who has been supporting with the necessary machinery and the Conga Project that provided the respective fuel and finally, the workforce of all the surrounding communities was fundamental. They will benefit from this important road, such as the annexes of Ahijadero, Chaquicocha, Chin Chin, San Francisco and the hamlet. This road will also link the La Chorrera Town Center with the Sorochuco district, thus speeding up traffic and commercial exchange between both LAS COMMUNITIES AND THE CONGA PROJECT TOGETHER FOR THE DUEL TO WHOM IT WORKS…

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