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high quality replica handbags How Mohamed Salah left Liverpool fans livid with one selfish act vs Red StarJurgen Klopp’s side failed to find their mojo on Tuesday night, according to the Reds bossKylian Mbappe: Secrets of amazing transfer to PSG revealed by Football LeaksGenerally, Liverpool were poor, with manager Jurgen Klopp admitting his team couldn’t find their mojo.But for Liverpool fans, one moment above all others stood out. And it involved Salah.In the 63rd minute, with his side in desperate need of a goal, the Egypt forward, 26, went to take a corner.Big men Virgil van Dijk, Joel Matip and Joe Gomez all made the journey from the back, hoping to get on the end of the set piece.Liverpool’s AWFUL midfield stat which sums up horror night at Red Star BelgradeLiverpool Champions League group permutations: How Reds can qualify for last 16Salah, it seems, had other ideas. He appeared to shoot instead of crossing for a teammate.Liverpool fans, believing it was a selfish act, were livid.Here’s how they reacted on Twitter :To be fair to Salah, he has scored from a corner before.He managed it for Egypt against eSwatini, formerly known cheap designer bags replica as Swaziland, last month.After Tuesday’s defeat, Klopp said: “For us it was not clicking, it was not easy high quality replica handbags.